Pain in your 50’s, 60’ or 70’s Success Stories

“Stiff, aching, unfitness…

Work Work Work!

It’s a little sanctuary…

I just adore every second of it because it’s for me.

I just knew it was probably right for me

…. no brainer.

Looking after myself…

It’s the most eye opening thing”


“Injuries…Lost my self esteem…Put on a lot of weight.

The taster made me feel comfortable

Increased mobility…People have noticed I’ve lost weight.

I never use the left now, I even ran up there which surprised me.

You will see results.”


“Problems with my back, limiting my ability to do things & giving me constant pain…
Losing weight, getting fitter & feeling stronger.”


“I had a back problem & I have a grand daughter to pick up, I couldn’t do it…
The change was so dramatic… I’d like some of that!
Loosing weight, feeling much much fitter, no back pain & being able to pick my grand daughter up”


“Sore lower back & lacking in energy…
The benefits over-ride the reservations…
I’m the fittest I’ve ever been & I’m 53…
Just do it, the benefits are huge.”


“Felt tired & achy…
Less stiff & energy & able to get in & out of the bath…
Lost a few lbs, trimmed waistline…
Got 2 grandchildren & that’s my reason for coming”


“Suffering from Sciatica for 3 years & it’s disappeared.
My reservations were my age, I’m 68.
Feeling gradual improvement…It’s a lot easier than taking pills”


My back has always been a problem, involving in the last 20 years frequent visits to osteopaths due to lower back pain. A lot of my problems have been caused by having a flat back without the natural curves that give it its strength. Clare was the first person to offer to do something about that by helping me work on my posture through Pilates and to strengthen my core muscular strength to protect my back. It is hard work but importantly for me, it has made me feel more in control and less of a victim. I wish I had known about Pilates years ago as I am convinced I would have avoided many of the back problems which have beset my adult life.



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