Where are you at?

You are either a mum to be or have very recently had a baby & you know you have back pain & other aches & stiffness. You need to do something about it but you’re busy & struggle to make time for yourself.

You desperately need someone to support & motivate you with the right pre & post pregnancy exercise without the worry of over-doing it. You have reached a point of feeling fed up & you are sick of feeling so tired. It would be amazing to get balanced ‘you time’ back into your hectic lifestyle & more sleep would be an awesome bonus.

A physiotherapist, midwife or doctor may have recommended more gentle & safe exercise like Pilates or yoga to help you get better & improve your hunched over mummy posture.

You’re worried about pelvic floor issues & hope you’ll stay dry when dashing to the loo or coughing or sneezing plus you’re lacking faith in ever having a toned belly.

You’re not liking the idea of going to a large class or commercial gym & want pregnancy specific support.
Plus you need far more personal attention than that. You might have tried other things & felt dissatisfied. You might have not done it regularly enough to make a difference given your busy life & you just need a clear plan that makes you stick to it.

As a mum if you are left to your own devices it may be all a bit downhill from here. Motivation, confidence & being consistent are very real struggles for you as a mummy. Being active daily is just not happening.

It’s likely you tend to eat unhealthy foods as you battle for energy whilst you’re on the run & feeling tired. Plus being a healthy weight might be a distant hope.

What problems might you be facing right now as a mum?

Pain & stiffness in your back, hips & groin are holding you back from moving more freely & being able to sit up straight. Your busy mums lifestyle and commitments don’t allow you to make time for you & you’re worried about being able to keep up with the kids in the future.

Low energy levels are leaving you frustrated & when you look in the mirror you wish you could see a better & more healthy looking you.

What do you need help with right now as a mum?

You need someone to work closely with you who can encourage you to take one step at a time either during pregnancy or to recover yourself after labour.

You are keen to work with someone who understands your pain as a mum & can help you work through it & it would be amazing if you could move freely again & start doing more of what you love with a baby or toddler or both.

You’re not sure which safe exercises will help you get better during this time of your life & you need clear advice on doing them correctly. Plus you need support in doing it often enough to make a real difference. You are grateful for having the right professional & friendly person tell you exactly what you need to do to make it better.

How can the 2 week plan help you as a mum?

What you have been experiencing is very common during & after pregnancy & for mums just like you, we offer a 2 week plan for mums to get started on working through their back pain.

Our 2 week plan for you…


  • Identifying your struggles as a mum & clarifying what exercise you could do within the 1st 2 weeks to start improving your back pain & stiffness & moving more freely.
  • Discover posture & safe core tips you can easily practise at home, in the office & whilst juggling a baby or toddler, that will help you feel & look better.
  • We’ll chat about what’s been holding you back & look at common excuses & give you guidance on how to work through these common mums ‘bad habits’.
  • We’ll check if you’re a healthy weight & we’ll guide you on the next steps to changing your weight safely & sensibly with foods that energise you rather than leave you feeling sluggish. Plus if you’re breastfeeding we can guide you on weight loss without affecting your milk supply.
  • We will give you a 2 week plan that truly gives you a taster of how we help mums & your little ones.
    By the 2nd week if this is right for a mum like you, and we feel like a good fit for each other, we will invite you to work more with us after the 2 week plan. Plus we can explain the different options of working with us either personally 1-to-1 or in a small group of like-minded people with similar issues. Babies & toddlers are welcome too.

So all you need to do to get started is simply fill in your details & click to book in. Spaces are very limited so do it today.

We’re really excited about welcoming you & sharing our 2 week plan to get mums motivated to reduce aches, pains and stiffness and boost energy.