Interview with Clare & Gary

What sort of people try our 2 week plan at Zigs?

We are passionate about working with people in pain who are suffering with stiffness usually leading a busy lifestyle. This lifestyle is affecting making time for health & wellness & a consequence is poor posture & low fitness. The people we work with often need to lose a stone or 2 & are very keen to try something to get better.

We work with men & women, mums, dads & grandparents often juggling children that know they will let themselves off the hook if left to their own devices. You might also have a medical condition or be in recovery from an illness, pregnancy or recently had an operation.

What type of person do I need to be to try the 2 week plan?

It’s likely that you’ve got worries or concerns about getting better & if you’re honest with yourself you’ve perhaps been making a few excuses & fallen into bad habits.

We help people who are eager to learn what to do next to move more freely, improve energy levels & look your best again.

I have a new baby & toddler, can I still try it?

Yes this is ideal for you. We are unique in that, if you are juggling little ones, we will show you how to get it done with them.

It’s amazing how well this works if you just take the 1st step & try the 2 week plan with us.

I’ve tried lots of stuff before and nothing has worked. Does this really work?

The people we work with have tried lots of other things before & are usually at a point where they know they have to do something now about their pain & their health.

With the right guidance on the 2 week plan, we will help you identify what you are struggling with & clarify what to do next to get started & moving forward.

We’ll support you in working through some of your concerns & worries as well as give you free tips on getting out of pain & feeling more energised again.

This will really start to work for you if you take on board & practise with us, what we give you on the 2 week plan as a starting point.

It sounds great but I struggle to make time?

During the 2 week plan we will help you find the time to get going enough that you will start to see & feel results within the 1st few weeks.

Do I need to be fit to try this?

Definitely not! The people we work with are usually quite the opposite when they 1st come to see us.
Some people feel a bit broken & are genuinely concerned they may never be able to touch their toes again, be pain free or a healthy weight, let alone be fit.

Is it going to be really hard, I’m worried about over-doing it?

The beauty of what we do comes with offering a very personal level of exercise to you based on how much pain you are in.

We begin with confidence building to support you & then move on from there.

Is this a big group class?

No – we offer a very personal service which suits people that need much more individual attention.

The people we work with after the 2 week plan usually decide to work with us either 1-to-1 or in a small group of like-minded people.

At the 2 week plan we can give you more information on the different options available to you.

How do I get started?

Just register your details to try the 2 week plan today & we’ll be in touch to get started.

Can I bring a friend or partner?

Yes, just register their details too to try the 2 week plan as well & we’ll be in touch with them.


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