Where are you at?

You know you have back pain & other aches & stiffness & you need to do something about it but you’re a bit in the dark on what to do to make it better.

You desperately need someone to support & motivate you to exercise without the worry of over-doing it. You have reached a point of feeling fed up & you are sick of feeling drained of energy. It would be amazing to get balanced ‘you time’ back into your hectic lifestyle.

A physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor or doctor may have recommended more exercise like Pilates or yoga to help you get better & improve your hunched over posture but you’re not liking the idea of going to a large class or commercial gym. Plus you need far more personal attention than that. You might have tried other things & have not done it regularly enough to make a difference. You need a plan that makes you stick to it.

You feel that if you are left to your own devices this will never change. Motivation, confidence & being consistent are very real struggles for you. Being active daily is just not happening.
It’s likely you tend to eat foods that are not that good for you whilst you’re on the run. Plus being a healthy weight is a stress for you.

What problems might you be facing right now?

Pain & stiffness are holding you back from moving more freely & being able to sit up straight. Your busy lifestyle and commitments don’t allow you time for you & perhaps keeping up with the kids feels impossible.

Low energy levels are leaving you feeling frustrated & when you look in the mirror you wish you could see a better & more healthy looking you.

What you need help with right now?

You need someone to work closely with you who can encourage you to take one step at a time in the right direction without over-doing it.

You are keen to work with someone who understands your pain & can help you work through it & it would be amazing if you could move freely again & start doing more of what you love.

You’re not sure which exercises will help you get better & you need help doing them correctly & often enough to make a real difference. You are grateful for having the right person tell you exactly what you need to do to make it better.

How can the 2 week plan help you?

What you have been experiencing is very common & for people just like you, we offer a 2 week better ‘back pain’ plan, to get started.

Our plan designed for you…


  • Identifying your struggles & clarifying what exercise you could do within the 1st 2 weeks to start improving your back pain & stiffness & moving more freely.
  • Discover posture & core tips you can easily practise at home, in the office & juggling the kids that will help you feel & look better.
  • We’ll chat about what’s been holding you back & look at common excuses & give you guidance on how to work through these ‘bad habits’.
  • We’ll check if you’re a healthy weight or not & we’ll guide you on the next steps to changing your weight sensibly with foods that energise you rather than leave you feeling sluggish.
  • We will give you a 2 week plan that truly gives you a taster of what we do.
  • By the 2nd week if we feel we are a good fit for each other we’ll invite you to work with us on a weekly basis. Plus we can explain the different options of working with us either personally 1-to-1 or in a small group of like-minded people with similar issues.

So all you need to do to get started is simply fill in your details & click to book in. Spaces are very limited so do it today.

We’re really excited about welcoming you & sharing our 2 week plan to get you motivated to reduce aches, pains and stiffness and boost energy.