Back Pain Success Stories

“Neck and jaw pain, bad posture….

alleviated my pain, much better posture.”

“Feeling more positive about me, feeling more energetic… Just do it”


“Problems with my back, limiting my ability to do things & giving me constant pain…
Losing weight, getting fitter & feeling stronger.”


“I had a back problem & I have a grand daughter to pick up, I couldn’t do it…
The change was so dramatic… I’d like some of that!
Loosing weight, feeling much much fitter, no back pain & being able to pick my grand daughter up”


“Sore lower back & lacking in energy…
The benefits over-ride the reservations…
I’m the fittest I’ve ever been & I’m 53…
Just do it, the benefits are huge.”


“I was suffering from lower back pain, sciatica… & carpal tunnel syndrome.
The sciatica has gone… I’ve had my 1st morning where my hands haven’t actually been dead”


“Suffering from Sciatica for 3 years & it’s disappeared.
My reservations were my age, I’m 68.
Feeling gradual improvement…It’s a lot easier than taking pills”


“During the course of labour I slipped 2 discs in my back…I could hardly walk..
It’s great being able to bring the children every week…I’ve lost 3 stone…
I’ve started running again & I’m back in all my pre-pregnancy clothes.”


“My back pain was really bad and I found exercise really difficult…
Its helping me to feel more confident about myself, I can move a lot more freely and its just helping me in my daily life do things I couldn’t do before”


“Sitting at a desk & feeling myself getting unfitter by the day… couldn’t find the time. Zigs got me out of my chair & looking after myself.”


“I’d lost my power around my leg & knee.
It’s given me confidence to play squash again & to run around the garden with my little one.”


My back was so bad I could barely walk when I first came to see Clare at the end of July and I had real concerns that I wouldn’t be able to do anything active with my young sons for a long time. I’ve known Clare for a while and I thought with her expertise she’d be able to help me.

Clare has been great at getting me mobile and fitter than I was before all in less than 2 months and been a huge source of motivation for me to feel good again. With her deep knowledge of yoga, pilates and stretching techniques this should hopefully mitigate against any further back pain. I’ve achieved my goal of being physically active with my boys again and cannot thank Clare enough. I’d recommend Zigs exercises to anyone!


Following a potential health problem, I was advised by the doctor to lose weight. As I already knew Clare through doing pilates under her for nearly 3 years for back problems, I decided to make use of her services as a personal trainer. Under her guidance, advice and tuition, over a period of 6 months I have managed to go from 16 stone and out of breath from a 15 minute walk to 12 stone and able to run 7.5km. I am quite literally 3/4 of the person I was 6 months ago and my overall fitness is back to a level that I have not been at for nearly 20 years. I would not hesitate to recommend Clare to anyone wanting to achieve a similar goal for weight loss or fitness in general, as it is my belief that without her, I would probably not have achieved this goal as easily as I have.


My back has always been a problem, involving in the last 20 years frequent visits to osteopaths due to lower back pain. A lot of my problems have been caused by having a flat back without the natural curves that give it its strength. Clare was the first person to offer to do something about that by helping me work on my posture through Pilates and to strengthen my core muscular strength to protect my back. It is hard work but importantly for me, it has made me feel more in control and less of a victim. I wish I had known about Pilates years ago as I am convinced I would have avoided many of the back problems which have beset my adult life.


I wanted to do some personal training to focus on weight loss and improving my general well-being.

I like the flexibility of the PT – planning it in to meet my needs and also the fact that it is more versatile being able to do it in the gym or out in the park when the weather permits, keeps it interesting and fun.

I have managed to lose nearly 3 stone in the time I have been doing PT and I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I have more energy and enthusiasm for life, my waistline is diminishing and I have a much brighter outlook on life. The benefits aren’t just physical, I get lots of compliments which gives me a real feeling of confidence.

I would recommend without a doubt, I have done personal training in the past with other instructors but because I was putting on too much muscle or I wasn’t enjoying it because there was no variety I fell back into bad habits. With Clare she pushes you gently to make improvements and listens to you when things don’t feel right altering activities to suit you and keep you coming back for more.

I love the fact that Claire takes care to get to know you and understand what you want to achieve then works with you to help define your goals and succeed. She also offers support when things aren’t going well and gives you that lift and encouragement to get you through the tough times.



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