Success Stories

"Sitting at a desk & feeling myself getting unfitter by the day… couldn’t find the time. Zigs got me out of my chair & looking after myself."

Josh, Jan 2017


"Felt tired & achy...
Less stiff & energy & able to get in & out of the bath...
Lost a few lbs, trimmed waistline...
Got 2 grandchildren & that's my reason for coming"

Heather, Aug 2016


"Sore lower back & lacking in energy...
The benefits over-ride the reservations...
I'm the fittest I've ever been & I'm 53...
Just do it, the benefits are huge."

Anthony, Oct 2016


"Suffering from Sciatica for 3 years & it's disappeared.
My reservations were my age, I'm 68.
Feeling gradual improvement...It's a lot easier than taking pills"

Bob, Aug 2016


"I'd lost my power around my leg & knee.
It's given me confidence to play squash again & to run around the garden with my little one"

David, Oct 2016


"Struggled with energy & making time & excuses... Lost over a stone & a few inches on my waist... I have a lot more energy; feel fitter & younger... Look forward to exercise now' "

Vicky, Jun 2016


"During the course of labour I slipped 2 discs in my back...I could hardly walk..

It's great being able to bring the children every week...I've lost 3 stone...

I've started running again & I'm back in all my pre-pregnancy clothes."

Rachel, Apr 2016


"I was suffering from lower back pain, sciatica... & carpal tunnel syndrome.

The sciatica has gone... I've had my 1st morning where my hands haven't actually been dead "

Helen , Apr 2016


"My back pain was really bad and I found exercise really difficult...

Its helping me to feel more confident about myself, I can move a lot more freely and its just helping me in my daily life do things I couldn't do before"

Aimmee , Mar 2016

"High Blood Pressure scared the hell out of me...

Blood pressure back to normal, gaining a waistline and feeling more confident"

Bercis , Mar 2016


I was in constant pain with my back and thanks to Clare and the Team it started to improve with 1:1 coaching and later during group classes. I then became pregnant and continued until it was no longer possible and found the information on both exercising and diet during pregnancy from Clare and the Team to be extremely helpful and they were always knowledgable and very supportive.

Nicola, Cheltenham, Jun 2017

Zoe’s Before & After Shots of 3 Months of Mummy Tummy Training

I can highly recommend Clare and her training - she's helping me regain my core control, repair my abdominal separation and help my mindset with regards to diet and exercise. It's been a great way to 'fix' myself following 2 pregnancies; and I'm a Physio who should have known better but I just couldn't motivate myself! Thanks for all your help Clare Xx

Zoe, Cheltenham, Dec 2015

Q. What was your situation like before we started to work together?
A. Post birth fitness required!!!

Q. What reservations (if any) did you have about working with me before?
A. Not knowing what to expect.

Q. What has the process of working with me been like?
A. Good fun, hard work but rewarding.

Q. What is the best result you have got from working with me?
A. Re-aligning my body. Stretching things that haven't been stretched for years!

Mandy Tuckey, Oct 2015

Q. What was your situation like before we started to work together?
A. Very weak abdominals, poor fitness & posture. Lacked energy.

Q. What reservations (if any) did you have about working with me before?
A. Concern about rate of improvement.

Q. What has the process of working with me been like?
A. Rewarding seeing the results and progression, having the support to rectify alignment and correct exercise practice.

Q. What is the best result you have got from working with me?
A. Returning of strength and confidence in body and flexibility.

Laura Goodwin, Oct 2015

My back was so bad I could barely walk when I first came to see Clare at the end of July and I had real concerns that I wouldn't be able to do anything active with my young sons for a long time. I've known Clare for a while and I thought with her expertise she'd be able to help me.

Clare has been great at getting me mobile and fitter than I was before all in less than 2 months and been a huge source of motivation for me to feel good again. With her deep knowledge of yoga, pilates and stretching techniques this should hopefully mitigate against any further back pain. I've achieved my goal of being physically active with my boys again and cannot thank Clare enough. I'd recommend Zigs exercises to anyone!

Avinash, Cheltenham, Oct 2015
Before I worked with Clare I had undergone major abdominal surgery. I was 5 weeks with minimal activity and advised to be very cautious upon re-commencing any exercise. I was extremely anxious about starting exercise again but was really keen to get back to my previous high level of activity and in particular get back to pole which is a huge passion of mine.

Having known Clare for a few years through classes at Zigs I knew she was very knowledgeable in exercise and rehabilitation. I also knew what a genuinely lovely and supportive person she was. It has been fantastic working with Clare! Every session was taken at my pace but pushed me enough to consistently make progress and achieve my exercise goals. I felt confident every step of the way with the advice Clare gave me. One of the best things about working with Clare is she takes a completely holistic approach to achieving health and wellbeing. She gave me fantastic advice on diet, lifestyle and sleep which hugely helped my rehab and overall wellbeing.

I am back on the pole and feeling confident again in my core strength!!!!

Sarah Pidgeon, Cheltenham, Nov 2015

Katie said she her situation before we started working together was “painful!” & she was reserved about the cost. She found working together “helpful & motivating” & the best result she got was “less pain & no chiropractor”. Priceless.

Katie , Sep 2015

Loving my classes at Zigs, especially the yoga/pilates combo on a Friday with Kelly-Ann. Sorry Claire, your pilates class is great too and I'm really feeling the benefits, I just love my Friday stretch, core and relaxation session - it's a fab end to a busy week :)

Cindy, Cheltenham, Apr 2015

Clare and the team are fantastic! Thank you so much for welcoming me back to Pilates and allowing me to attend twice a week from 14 weeks to my last class today at nearly 38 weeks pregnant! You have been so patient and understanding and have seriously helped me to get into shape for pregnancy and child birth. Being able to attend "normal" Pilates was really important for me - a bump class didn't appeal and it was great to get to know other pupils knowing I'll see them back at Zigs in the summer! Getting this far with barely any problems isn't just luck - it's the power of Zigs! I'll be back later in the year to tone up this tummy! Thank you so much!)

Anna, Cheltenham, Feb 2015

Need some new jeans!
Even after 4(?) years, I'm still changing shape - more toned every week :-)

Adele, Cheltenham, Apr 2014

Brilliant squat-tastic term! Clare has upped the pace a bit on the warm-ups which is great and I've noticed that we are all getting trained a bit harder as Clare's bump grows! He he! Request: Bring back the hand stretches please! I am sure I will regret asking for this, hopefully Clare has already planned it so the idea will have to be shelved but...some work on the abs would be great as we get closer to holiday season! :-)

Tracy, Cheltenham, Mar 2014

I've been doing pilates for over a year now, it was recommened to me by Claire and some of the other girls i do pole classes with, to help build up my overall body strength and to help me be more aware of my body posture, I also had a very curved spine (as seen from the 1st picture). I was amazed when looking at a recent picture of myself (2nd picture) how much pilates has helped to straighten my spine and how much more i am aware of my posture now :) I really enjoy the classes, everyone is so friendly and Claire is a great teacher, very professional, very helpful but also great fun to work with as well :)

Nicola, Mar 2013

These classes are perfect for fixing me after a week of being hunched over a PC. Classes are professionally run, the people are friendly and the exercises are varied and effective in developing core strength and posture. I found that attending twice a week gives me the most benefit and with Clare's expert supervision and guidance to ensure the exercises are done correctly, my posture, stability and back continue to remain happy.

T.L., Cheltenham, Mar 2013

Really happy with everything at Zigs this term. Thanks for the thorough coreography notes and playlist.
Keep up the good work.

Best wishes.

Tim, Mar 2013

I have had constant general back pain since i was 14 from playing a lot of hockey, i finally had to give up hockey at the age of 19 as it made my back much worse.

I started Pilates with Clare about 18 months ago twice a week. I now have intermittent back ache, much better flexibility and an overrall more positive outlook on life as the pain did get to me. So I can't thank Clare enough for the hard work she puts in to make Pilates fun, interactive and dynamic.
The thing I love the most is she changes the choreography every term, using a variety of equipment and gives helpful feedback. I haven't returned to hockey but I now mountain bike, climb and run half marathons, which I hadn't wanted to try in the past.

Thank you Clare for helping me love exercise again.

Kat, Cheltenham, Nov 2012

Zigs Pilates has been great for improving my core strength - which has in turn helped me overcome constant backpain. Pilates has also helped increase my flexibility and therefore has been a great supplement for my pole classes. Clares personal training and choreography assistance and feedback was brilliant in helping me train for my first pole competition, and really helped boost my ability

Anonymous, Jun 2012.

Thank you for getting me back into exercise and out of work at a more reasonable time! Booking into the pilates class has helped me on my way to find a better work/life balance which was my primary aim (initially).

I like the pace of the classes too and the way that Claire teaches you to be aware of your own body and to take ownership over the exercises. It isn't bootcamp style and because of this you can move at the right pace for you. It feels like a long term option rather than a quick fix.

The feedback is fantastic too. Claire focusses on encouraging you to find the correct technique and, as simple as it may sound, she watches what you're doing and tells you what you can do to improve; Very practical, individualised advice from a responsive teacher.

Hot stones at end of class, equipment provided, class sizes, feedback, changes in routine, half-termly breaks - great to work towards a break, makes you feel you have to stick to it more during term time and you don't feel guilty for not being able to attend if you do go on holiday/have something coming up.

The change in routine each term, change in music - good to hear new music that you wouldn't necessarily come across, change in the taught focus (areas of development/equipment used), choreography notes at end.

Anonomous, Cheltenham, Mar 2012.

Really enjoyed the class and feel I got a lot out of it. This was my first pilates course so at times I would have liked a little more one on one time, but overall it was great. I would recommend this class to friends and family and I definitely intend to sign up for the next course.

Emma, Cheltenham, Feb 2012.

I initially started doing Pilates to support my husband as he was suffering from a bad back. I soon found that it had really great advantages for me too. Building my core strength, stability plus flexibility which has changed my waist line to my great delight.

Clare's classes fit around our working hours and the sessions are always kept interesting. Clare comes around giving hints on posture and ensuring that you don't overdo things.

Doing Pilates with ZigsExercise has changed our whole fitness outlook and we notice a real difference when we can't make it. We wouldn't hesitate to recommending Pilates with Clare

Michelle and Ian, Tewkesbury, Feb 2012.

I really appreciate the discounted multiple sessions and the flexibility of being able to swap a session. My one dislike this term has been the occasional use of heavily scented oils as they make me feel a little sick. I like the hot stones though. The choreography notes are also an excellent personal touch.

Sarah, Cheltenham.

Clare's Pilates class are excellent. After just one 6 week course (after a long break from Pilates) I can already feel the benefits. My back is much more mobile and less painful and my general flexibility is much improved. Clare is an excellent teacher and allows everyone to work to their own abilities but also to work to their full potential. The classes are welcoming and friendly but also very relaxing.

Rachael, Cheltenham.

From a person that was hunched in her shoulders, walked like a policewoman with feet pointed outwards, head forward and back bent, doing Pilates with Clare has transformed me. Pilates has changed my body posture, reduced the pains I had in my knees, changed my emotional reactions to stresses and challenges in my life and overall made me feel like a physically beautiful person again. I feel toned, tall and radiant now all because of Clare's teachings. She has a down to earth way of teaching Pilates, shes gentle and also humourous with her methods which makes it fun. Clare is an inspirational teacher because I never thought I could ever look toned and was never inspired to get fit, but her fitness and positive mental attitude has inspired me into wanting to get fit and take care of my body.

Kelly, Gloucester.

Never thought I'd love the feeling of a hard workout. But, thanks to you guys; I'm addicted to the feeling of my ache! Thanks so much for helping me keep going with pole! I'm looking forward to next term and being able to do as many classes as I like!

Hayley-Jayne, Apr 2015.

Starting to look like pole is paying off! Can't wait till next week I'll soon be Vegas ready.

Hayley-Jayne, Mar 2015.

I love zigs, everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is great. Also ive lost an inch off my thighs so definitely seeing the results.

Lizzie , Mar 2015.

Love pole! Can't believe how much easier it is doing pilates too.

Lizzie, Mar 2015.

Only 4 weeks of Pole and Pilates a zigs member lost….so many itches around the waist, results are great.
Kick-start your weight loss and toning in the new year

Anon, Cheltenham, Dec 2014.

"So my closest friends will know that I have quite low self-esteem and confidence and it's taken me a while to feel 'normal' again whatever that means"

Now after pole lessons he’s looking amazing and built up confidence.

Jai, Cheltenham, Dec 2014.

I have been going to pole now for just over a year, and I love it! Clare is a fantastic teacher, with great enthusiasm and passion for what she does! Would highly recommend it if you want to get fit, have fun and make great friends.

Maddie, 24, Cheltenham , Apr 2013.

Proof that double pole a week is amazing for weight loss... This is my favourite belt on its smallest setting... It was tight when I last wore it in September... So so happy, thank you Clare.

Caz, Cheltenham, Mar 2013.

I've never been very sporty or fit, so when I started in September, I was very nervous, especailly about starting Pole. However, it wasn't as scary as I thought! Five months on, I always look forward to going and feel genuinely unfit if I miss a night. The classes are enjoyable, and the different working levels allow for a range of ability, and leave you feeling like you've achieved something at the end. Clare is very encouraging when it comes to trying something new and not afraid to give pointers or tips to help you improve. The atmosphere is great; very friendly and inviting. Nobody is afraid to have a bit of a giggle at themselves (especially me - I fall over a lot!). I have made lots of new friends since I started and I attended the Christmas social - the UK Pole Championships! I am very pleased to say that I've come along way in fitness - I no longer ache for days after and don't get out of breath during the cardic warmups! I now move on to level 2 and sometimes 3.

Tess, 16, Cheltenham , Mar 2013.

I really enjoyed pole classes. It has been great fun and good exercise. I highly recommend pole dancing to everybody that is looking for entertaining way of losing some weight and building some sexy curves.

Tina, 23, Cheltenham , Jul 2012.

I was a little apprehensive about pole dancing at first, but once I attended my first lesson I was hooked!! It’s such a great way of exercising and socialising with new people! I noticed a great improvement in my physical strength but also my confidence too!! Clare’s classes always have a good positive atmosphere!! I couldn’t imagine my life without Pole now :)

Ashleigh, 21, Gloucester

I attended a great Alice-in-Wonderland themed hen party at Zigs. Doing the pole routines was brilliant fun, and we played some hilarious team games!

This was a unique hen party, which brought out our creative sides. I highly recommend a hen party at Zigs!

Jane, 30, Tewkesbury

Clare recently co-oordinated and ran a fantastic pole party for my hen do. I have danced before, but many of my friends hadn't. It was really fun, inclusive and thoughtful session, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Fantastic fun! I would, and do, recommend Zigs Exercise to lots of people.

Clare's classes are always very well-planned and fun, and with her background, she is well equiped to teach people of varied abilities, or people with injuries. Great Fun, and great exercise!

Sarah, 29, Cheltenham

I attended a hen do at Zigs exercise. I really enjoyed the introduction to pole dancing in a relaxed environment, very fun hen do activity would definitely recomment it to other groups.

Delyth, 31, Cheltenham

I arranged my sisters hen do through Zigs Exercise.

The effort and personalisation that went into the day from Zigs was fabulous. We had an Alice in Wonderland theme and we had everything from poles that had been transformed to mushrooms to a Mad Hatter Instructor. Claire our Instructor was friendly, patient and bags of fund which put all at ease irrelevant of fitness and experience.

My sister had the most fabulous hen do which really was contributed to by Zigs Exercise.

I would 110% recomment any day. Zigs Exercise catered for all of our needs and really made the hen do a day to remember - many thanks Zigs!

Harry, 24, Oxford

I’ve been doing weekly pole classes with Zigs Exercise for quite some time now, after my hubby bought me 6 lessons as a Christmas present!

As I’m already a fan of exercise I was looking for something a bit different that would be a challenge, keep me fit but be fun too. My plan was to attend classes for about 6 months to break up my weekly gym sessions. But, 2 ½ years on! I’m still here and wouldn’t dream of giving up now.

The classes are really sociable and I’ve made some great friends, often socialising outside the lesson. Pole has given me a lot of confidence and encouraged me to push myself physically. I’ve enjoyed learning new skills in working with others to develop pole routines.

Over the past year I have roped in several of my friends to attend a pole party with me. This is a great idea to introduce pole and get together with some girly friends to  have some fun without spending a lot of cash. Clare is a fab teacher when running these parties and works hard to support every level, so there’s no way you can fail!

Sue, 44, Cheltenham.

“I just wanted to drop you a little note to say thank you very  much for Saturday. The girls had a fantastic time including Lou which is what is was all about. Think we have found a whole lot of respect for Pole Dancing now.”

Michelle, 38, Weston Super Mare, UK.

BEFORE - June 2011 - 99.7kg (15st, 9.8lbs)
AFTER - October 2011 - 76.2kg (11st, 13.99lbs)

Following a potential health problem, I was advised by the doctor to lose weight. As I already knew Clare through doing pilates under her for nearly 3 years for back problems, I decided to make use of her services as a personal trainer. Under her guidance, advice and tuition, over a period of 6 months I have managed to go from 16 stone and out of breath from a 15 minute walk to 12 stone and able to run 7.5km. I am quite literally 3/4 of the person I was 6 months ago and my overall fitness is back to a level that I have not been at for nearly 20 years. I would not hesitate to recommend Clare to anyone wanting to achieve a similar goal for weight loss or fitness in general, as it is my belief that without her, I would probably not have achieved this goal as easily as I have.

Damon, 42, Cheltenham

I can honestly say that I've had less back ache since being pregnant than before - so the pilates is definitely helping. I really hope to keep up the exercises beyond pregnancy and hope to attend your classes after the birth. I feel that the Pilates one to one set me up really well and at 33 weeks my back is doing really fine.

Rachael, Cheltenham

I first met Clare in 2005. I had some personal training sessions because I wanted to lose some weight and get fit. I remember her asking me to visualise what I’d like to become and the only thing I could think of was a gazelle - slim, fit and effortless! Now, 6 years later, when I run – I still think of that gazelle. I haven’t trained with Clare for over 5 years but the inspiration she gave me in those training sessions has stayed with me. Now, I do things that I never thought I’d be able to do. They took some training and they certainly aren’t effortless – but occasionally I become one with my gazelle – and for that I am eternally grateful.

Sarah P, 30, Cheltenham

I wanted to do some personal training to focus on weight loss and improving my general well being.

I like the flexibility of the PT - planning it in to meet my needs and also the fact that it is more versatile being able to do it in the gym or out in the park when the weather permits, keeps it interesting and fun.

I have managed to lose nearly 3 stone in the time I have been doing PT and I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been.  I have more energy and enthusiasm for life, my waistline is diminishing and I have a much brighter outlook on life.  The benefits aren't just physical, I get lots of compliments which gives me a real feeling of confidence.

I would recommend without a doubt, I have done personal training in the past with other instructors but because I was putting on too much muscle or I wasn't enjoying it because there was no variety I fell back into bad habits.  With Clare she pushes you gently to make improvements and listens to you when things don't feel right altering activities to suit you and keep you coming back for more.

I love the fact that Claire takes care to get to know you and understand what you want to achieve then works with you to help define your goals and succeed.  She also offers support when things aren't going well and gives you that lift and encouragement to get you through the tough times.

Michelle, Cheltenham

My back has always been a problem, involving in the last 20 years frequent visits to osteopaths due to lower back pain. A lot of my problems have been caused by having a flat back without the natural curves that give it its strength. Clare was the first person to offer to do something about that by helping me work on my posture through Pilates and to strengthen my core muscular strength to protect my back. It is hard work but importantly for me, it has made me feel more in control and less of a victim. I wish I had known about Pilates years ago as I am convinced I would have avoided many of the back problems which have beset my adult life.

Tim, Churchdown, Glos