Personal Coaching
Pilates, Yoga, CHEK, Weight Loss  
LOCATION: Zigs Exercise @ The Cabin
Address: The Conifers (Zigs Cabin), 83B Bath Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7LH.
Tel : 07813 076554
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Location: The Cabin is the training location for Zigs Exercise, ring the bell at the gate at the left hand side of the house.
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About Personal Coaching


We’re passionate about helping people bounce back from back pain, pregnancy, surgery, being over-weight or just feeling stiff, old & bored. We work with busy professional people that are in need of creating healthier habits & feeling well & strong & fitter. 'Sitting at a desk' has been a common posture for you & you have hit a barrier that is getting in the way of you getting it done & getting results. It all starts with a free taster with us to start shifting the barrier. Click here


We love to share with you how to simply reduce your pain & feel like “I can do it” again in the next 3-6months using our pilates core & posture tips, personal conditioning exercises & yoga based stretching techniques. Our aim is to support you step by step in getting your exercise, health & fitness confidence back. We do it gradually, training you in a safe way without over-doing it so you look & feel better, get stronger & more toned with your pain levels significantly reduced & you can get started by trying our free taster. Click here


Are you under pressure health-wise to make a change? Or are you a bit in the dark when it comes to getting back to it & knowing the right exercise that will help you rather than hurt you? We work with lots of people who’ve tried lots of what doesn’t work & have been left feeling frustrated. We work with people who need help with motivation, fear of over-doing it or worry about not being able to keep up with others. We can help you unravel unhealthy habits with continued encouraging nudges to keep you on track. Trying our free taster gives you the opportunity to make a start on working through this. Click here


We offer a very personal service & you get lots of individual attention (you’re never left stumbling around at the back of a class, feeling self-conscious, trying to figure out how to keep up!) We offer a healthy discount for couples or bringing a friend too. Plus we offer a further discount for our tribe training where you work with a coach & can practise the techniques on your individualised programme that we create for you, in a small group of like-minded people. The tribe works well if personal 1to1 coaching is financially out of your reach. We do our best to give you the professional support & confidence you need to get back to it & we can explain more about this in our free taster to you. Click here


We support people who have had some recent medical treatment & have been advised to exercise to improve their health & well-being but you’re not in a place to go to a mainstream gym. The medical professional has suggested doing Pilates to help build up weak back & core muscles & improve pelvic floor muscles. You need to reduce pain & get to a healthy weight & improve posture too. The medical professional may have suggested practising yoga to help reduce stress & anxiety & improve mobility & flexibility again. A physio may have advised you to build up strength but if they’re NHS you might feel you’ve not had enough time & attention to make it effective so working with us & trying our free taster is a way of getting that. Click here

We work with a range of ages & have helped people walk & run again after debilitating back pain & major surgery. We help people who are suffering with obesity, high blood pressure & cholesterol, fasciitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hyper-mobility, prolapse, slipped disc’s, ME, depression, anxiety, IBS, pre & post pregnancy, pelvic floor issues, Abdominal separation, PSD, hernia’s, neck, shoulder & knee pain & lots of other common medical issues.



We offer a weekly weigh in with our personal coaching so we can explain how to lose a stone or 2 in our free taster. Plus we check your BMI & bodyfat percentage & give you tips on getting into the health zone. We have helped lots of people get back into their jeans hiding in the back of the wardrobe. Plus we offer free monthly blood pressure checks & we have a stress scale we use to help people’s energy levels stay in check. Do you need clarity on what really works? Plus support on stopping self-sabotage habits like over-eating, grabbing for emotional foods, portion control & eating calorie loaded foods lacking nutrients? We can help you create healthy shopping lists & give you lots of ideas of healthy recipes so that together we make better food choices. This all starts by requesting our free taster. Click here


The people who use our techniques often have had children or have recently had a baby. We are unique in that you can bring your little ones with you so that you get your energising exercise done. We use pilates & conditioning techniques with sticks from Chek coaching to train parents in better posture for lifting little ones – they get heavier as they get older & still want picking up right? A 2 yr old weighs about 13kg (well that was our little boys weigh in at age 2!) We have adapted some of the traditional pilates, yoga & tai chi exercises to include baby bonding so it’s fun with your little one. Plus we have lots of little ones entertainment in our cabin like crawl tubes & puzzles & blue hedgehogs! The flooring is padded for them plus we have a garden space with astro turf for them to explore & play whilst you train. You can visit us by requesting our free taster & see our gorgeous bespoke studio for yourself. Click here


So does any of the above sound like you? Then you are definitely in the right place. Our free taster is for people who are keen to work through their anxieties, worries & concerns & want to get back to being fit & strong & healthy & looking good. Sound good? Can you picture yourself learning to tone up & feel better, fitter, stronger & more flexible & in control of your health again? Would you like to do this within the next 3 to 6 months, then click to try our free taster. Click here

You'll get tips on how to better manage back pain using Pilates core conditioning & get more flexible using stretch & yoga based techniques. We’ll give you “lose weight” tips & explain step by step how to tone up.

You can discover how to correctly work your pelvic floor & tone up a wobbly mummy tummy & get a stronger core. Plus you’ll get the keys to a better body shape & improved flexibility & mobility so your body can just move freely again & you can feel like “Yes I can Do it!”

So all YOU need to do to claim your free taster is type your name, email address & phone number in the box (click here) & we'll be in touch to help you get started.